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Clubs and Teams

Galdhøpiggen Summer Ski Center provides world-class skiing and training conditions at the foot of Galdhøpiggen. National teams from both Eastern-Europe and the US spend their summers training at our Center.

We welcome old and new teams to train with us in 2023. Below is an updated list with prices and regulations which apply to all teams who wish to ski at Galdhøpiggen. We encourage you to read this, in order to ensure a good experience for you and your friends, as well as your competitors.

Private Slopes

Slopes are booked only through email:

Groups of 10 or more people have a right to book a slope with no extra cost. Groups of less than 10 people must buy ski-passes, as well as a slope at kr 500,- per day.

Skipass for clubs and teams

Skipass 440 NOK pr athlete pr day

Season card (9.May-5.Nov) 7000 NOK

(of 10 or more people)

10-15 skiers: 1 free trainerpass

15-20 skiers: 1 free trainerpass and 1 trainerpass at kr 150,-

20-30 skiers: 2 free trainerpasses and 2 trainerpasses at kr 150,-

30-40 skiers: 2 free trainerpasses and 3 trainerpasses at kr. 150,-

Rent GS gates 900,- pr day

Rental SL gates 600,- pr day

Skipass regulations

All groups/teams/clubs should buy their passes as a group. This way we know how many skiers you are, and can provide trainer passes accordingly.

There are no refunds in the case of lost passes, machinery malfunctions, bad weather, or lack of snow. We also don't refund ski passes.

Remember that we serve warm lunch every day! See our menu and book a meal for your team!

Axess ticket system
Galdhøpiggen Summer Ski Center now uses the Axess ticket system.

New skipass with "Juvass" design: kr 99,-

Rental of snowmobile and driver to build jumps/terrain: kr 2300,- per hour.

We now offer to salt the slopes. The best results are achieved if we salt several slopes next to each other. For this reason we ask that you order salting well in advance, so we can prepare our slopes in the most efficient and productive way possible.

New 2023! Book line fore October, watered GS and SL lines fore FIS racers.

2000NOK pr line pr day

Salting of slopes: kr 400,- + kr 3.75,- per kg salt (ca. 280 kg per slope).

Extra salt: 2750NOK 400kg bag

5800NOK 1000kg bag

Meeting for trainers every day at 12:00 PM.

Any questions? Call us at +47 92201359